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Dash camera with high-definition video recording has two cameras integrated in one case. 2K QHD wide-angle front camera and Full HD camera filming inside the car and rear Full HD camera filming what’s happening behind the car. The device has a supercapacitor which, unlike a battery, operates longer and more efficiently at low or high ambient temperatures.

X-COP 9300s

Innovative Neoline hybrid with an enlarged horn for better detection of modern low-power radars, an enlarged GPS antenna for precise geolocation. Display directed towards the driver, a FULL HD recording resolution, an extended configuration and an excellent price-performance ratio makes this device one of the best hybrids.


Unrivalled ergonomics, magnetic holder with active recharge, AI system, high-quality video with a powerful processor, SONY matrix and CPL filter, plus extended parking mode and innovative night mode make it a new standard in offering ultimate reliability if something happens either on the road or during the parking.

X-COP 8700s GT

Neoline X-COP 8700s has an integrated GPS radar database, which informs about upcoming speed radars and also detects portable police radars and undercover police cars. 8700s is able to measure speed in different intervals.

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