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X-COP 8700S mounted on motorcycle

One of our customers tried to mount 8700s on a motorcycle windshield


Success! Our customer tried mounting 8700s on his motorcycle windshield and succeeded.

What he wrote to us:

Hello Neoline,

I have tried to mount 8700s on my motorcycle. Try became a success. I want to share few tips so likeminded people could do it by their own.

First of all for the top I’ve used metal holders so the degree of the device would as bigger as possible. In that way detector catches more signals. Bottom holders was with suction cups, because it decreases vibrations and it is easier to mount the device in. The toughest part was to bend the holders according the shape of windshield.

Power cable must be attached in such way that when you are going higher speed than 100km/h wind wouldn’t have effect on it. Set the sound notifications of the radar at max, so you could hear the alerts because you can only then you can hear it, having in mind that you have your helmet on + motorcycle and wind noise.

The detector itself is mounted slightly to the right, because almost every time all the radars are standing on the right side of the road.