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Neoline T series e-scooters

Neoline T series e-scooters


Neoline team proudly presents their T series electric scooters! After intense and diligent Neoline T series development process, we can finally present you three Neoline T e-scooters: T23. T25 and T27. All of these modern design T series models are reliable, affordable, compact and convienent for everyday use. Here is a short summary of Neoline T series electric scooters:

The folding mechanism is made of an aircraft-grade aluminum and has a simple and easy to use locking mechanism. This solution allows the electric scooter to be folded in just one action by using a button located on the front of the steering column.


The rear-mounted motor-wheel provides effective acceleration up to 25 km / h, uphill slope up to 20° and better control of the electric scooter itself.


Rechargeable batteries with capacities of 7.5 Ah (T23) and 7.8 Ah (T25, T27) are capable of transporting users on a full charge for over a distance of up to 30 km/h.


The decks have comfortable lengths of ~ 500 mm and widths of ~ 155 mm (T23, T27) and 135mm (T25) , as well as a shock-absorbing mat, which together provides a comfortable ride for the rider.


Both T25 and T27 scooters have 10.5’’ vacuum tires, while T23 scooter has a front inflatable 10’’ tire and a vacuum 10.5’’ rear tire. The tires have a wide and deep thread, which together provide better grip in difficult conditions (road markings, wood flooring, wet asphalt, tiles) due to a larger contact with the road surface. Moreover, because of the wide and deep tread, the wheels efficiently dampen vibrations while riding through various surfaces.


The scooters’ steering angles to left and right are ~45°.


The braking systems variate through the Neoline T series e-scooters: T27 has three braking systems that are installed to the scooter: a mechanical rear disc brake, an electronic rear wheel (E-ABS) and a drum-type brake in the front wheel. T25 also has three braking systems: an electronic rear wheel (E-ABS) and a drum-type brake in the front wheel and a rear fender brake. T23 has two braking systems: a mechanical disc brake and an electronic brake (E-ABS).


Hidden laying of cables and wires in the steering columns will ensure their safety and minimize the risk of damage when using the electric scooter.


LED lightings – built-in rear running lights, as well as a surface-mounted headlights with adjustable lighting angles.


The steering column has built-in displays for displaying information about the battery charge level, the selected speed mode (Eco, Standard and Drive), the current speed, the distance traveled and the status of the running lights.


All three e-scooters’ motor-wheels are located on the rear wheel, which provides the following advantages:

– The ability to use all the power of the electric brake without any restrictions;

– Ensuring the rise of the rider uphill with a large angle;

– Better control on slippery surfaces;

– Lack of slipping when riding uphill.


Neoline T23 and T25 have trigger throttles, meanwhile T27 is equipped with an innovative accelerator built into the platform.