Neoline G-Tech X23

Neoline g-tech X23 is a 3 devices in one ultra-thin casing: panoramic mirror with DVR and rear view camera. G-tech X23 recording in front and rear of the car. A miniature remote camera records the image of the rear part of the scope synchronously with the main front camera.

Neoline G-Tech X23

Neoline Wide S50

Versatility 3-in-1NEOLINE

G-TECH X23 is panoramic rear view mirror Full HD DVR and rear view camera. NEOLINE G-TECH X23 provides high quality image day and night. Due to the powerful processor All Winner V3 device leads simultaneous recording with two cameras - the front facing camera shoots video with Full HD resolution 1920*1080 (30 fps), and VGA 640*480 (50 fps)

Neoline Wide S50

Everything is under the control

Miniature remote camera can be installed inside the cabin and outside of the rear bumper. The image with the additional camera is broadcast on the entire screen of the DVR or in the mode of "picture in picture". Record with both cameras simultaneously and it is stored on the SD card. 

Neoline Wide S50

Parking line

An additional advantage NEOLINE G-TECH X23 - the function "Parking lines" in the external chamber. NEOLINE G-TECH X23 becomes an assistant to the driver when reverse parking. If desired, this feature can be disabled.

Neoline Wide S50

Large display

Large display of the DVR – 4.3 inch located in the center of the mirror. In the off state, the mirror surface screen recorder is not visible. It is certainly convenient – nothing distracts the driver from the road. All the advantages of a large display remain at the disposal of the driver to see the smallest details in the captured video can be directly into the car.

Neoline Wide S50


G-sensor help to save and restore the details of the incident at any time. The motion sensor helps to save space on the memory card. Loop recording respectively and the length of the roller each driver can configure himself to meet individual needs.

Neoline Wide S50

Stamp state number, date and time

Stamp time and date allows you to simplify the process of finding the right frame in the video to a specific date and time, together with the stamp, state number of your car will help in the resolution of disputable situations on the road. Looking at the video, you can just delete unwanted or unnecessary clips from the DVR.

Neoline Wide S50
Neoline G-Tech X23



Additional information

• Mirror Neoline G-Tech X23 
• Additional camera
• Cleaning cloth
• Charger 
• USB cable  
• User manual 
• Warranty card 
• Mounting