Neoline Fuse Cord 3 pin

The power cable 12/24V for series hybrids Neoline X-COP 9xxx

Neoline Fuse Cord 3 pin

The power cable 12/24V Neoline Fuse Cord 3 Pin is for connecting hybrids Neoline.

Required for permanent connection of radar detectors Neoline to the power of the car and ideally suited to "Parking" - when you turn off the engine, GPS and radio module will be disabled at that time, as the DVR will continue its work and will be connected to the electrical network of the vehicle.
After a set period of time the hybrid will enter the Park by turning off the led indicator and the display. When creatively G-sensor DVR will record to the folder "Parking".
When the engine is started, the hybrid will switch to the standard mode.

Hidden installation of this cable in the car.

Doesn't take cigarette lighter socket.

Cable has a built in fuse.

Length 3M.



Input DC 12/24В
Cable length 3 m

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