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NEW Neoline T series e-scooters

Neoline presented an updated line of lightweight city electric scooters with increased comfort New Neoline products are a combination of wide wheels with high shock absorption, well-thought-out ergonomics, excellent dynamics and controllability, a new generation battery management system, while being lightweight and compact. And many other features that together provide increased comfort for the electric scooter owner while traveling.


In the updated line of Neoline Town 2021 electric scooters, the manufacturer has retained the well-proven features of previous models, and also took into account the feedback and wishes of consumers. The line includes models Neoline T24, Neoline T26 and Neoline T28. The flagship Neoline T28 is especially worth attention – this is a real marathon runner with a power reserve of 55 km. This figure is twice as high as the average offered by most urban-class electric scooters.


Key features of the Neoline Town 2021 electric scooter line:

  • Easy to fold and carry. No backlash and loose knots. Weight up to 14 kg
  • Wireless Design. Maximum hidden wiring.
  • The large 10.5 ” fat wheels, 2.8 ” makes riding comfortable in all conditions.
  • Taking care of your safety. Powerful and bright lensed floodlight that provides visibility up to 10 meters. A bright LED brake light is located on the rear fender. In addition, side reflectors are installed.
  • The wide 155 mm deck allows you comfortably place your feet next to each other.
  • The motor in Neoline models is located in the rear wheel. The electric scooter drives up the hill more confidently. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of falling when maneuvering on slippery surfaces, for example after rain.
  • New generation battery management system and improved firmware. The printed circuit boards of the models are covered with a three-layer protective varnish. Excellent dynamics along with smooth acceleration and predictable braking.
  • It is easy to start riding even for a beginner.