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NEOLINE X-COP 9100s is available on the european market

Neoline is proud to announce its new product – the world’s first hybrid with a unique international radar platform for detection of all the radars – X-COP 9100s.
It is the world’s first hybrid which detects Multa Radar CD and CT. For the user’s convenience the device detects Multa Radar in a special M band, so that the user will be warned of such radar.
The device has an integrated ultrasensitive module EXD Plus. It is particularly effective in the Turbo mode and provides maximal distance of police radar detection.
Neoline X-COP 9100s has a particular platform for warning about low-power radars in K, Ka bands such as Gatso, Multanova 6F, Multa Radar, etc. Additionally the device has a highly effective protection against Spectre 4 and Spectre Elite RDD devices.
To eliminate false alerts, particularly from the blind spot detection sensors of other cars, Neoline’s own development is used – Z-signature filter. Unlike similar technologies there is no false blocking of real police radars.
New device has built-in radar and camera database which includes data of more than one hundred thousand radars around the world (Europe, USA, Israel, Middle East, Turkey, Australia, etc.). The database is updated regularly on neoline.com.

Available now.

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