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NEOLINE Wide S55 on the european market

Neoline is proud to announce its new product – Wide S55 dash cam. It has the best combination of functionality and quality at the best price. Product serves to protect car owners from false accusations after the incident and from fines.

The device shoots a high quality video with a clear picture in any weather and time of day. 150-degree view camera covers all 5 lanes of the roadway without distorting the picture. Function of wide dynamic range (WDR) provides an image balanced by color and light in difficult conditions: with backlighting and intensively changing lighting.

Wide S55 has an integrated GPS module which detects coordinates of police radars in 45 countries pre-loaded in the GPS database. Driver will timely receive warnings about police cells and not be distracted from the road.

Neoline Wide S55 is designed to install a CPL filter, which eliminates glare and reflections from the windshield for maximum video quality.

Available now.