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Mingaile Mikelionyte2022 December 198:16BotNeoline Mingaile Mikelionyte2022 December 1311:45Firmware Update Mingaile Mikelionyte2021 June 26:34Neoline X-COP 9300s Firmware Update Mingaile Mikelionyte2021 May 278:46NEW Neoline T series e-scooters Donatas B2021 April 149:42Change old one to new one! Donatas B2021 February 38:38NEOLINE PRESENTS X-COP 9300s Donatas B2020 December 236:43Neoline X-COP 9100s and 8700s Firmware Update Donatas B2020 September 215:23Neoline T series e-scooters Info2020 May 136:59X-COP 8700S mounted on motorcycle Info2020 March 3112:19NEOLINE X-COP 9100s GT detecting GATSO RT3/RT4